A Place for Everyone

At Places, we believe that privacy is a moral issue but also a practical one. Some people use Places because they want to and some because the need to.

The unique way our application is designed makes communication and collaboration using end-to-end encryption as easy as using a mainstream service (that can access/sell your data).

There are other “privacy focused” services out there but they are either difficult and impractical to use or they only do one thing: One app for cloud storage, one app for file-sharing, one app for chat, one app for video/audio call. Some even offer a combination of these, but none of them can offer you it all. Places also has more of a focus on collaboration and sharing with many people simultaneously. Sharing a file with 100 people is as quick as sharing with 1, which is actually quite difficult to achieve while maintaining real end-to-end encryption.

Our unique technology makes end-to-end encryption possible and effortless for any type of interaction. It can be altered, improved and tailored for almost any purpose. Places is open source too, so our framework can be built upon to create an application tailored for a specific purpose.

Here are just three specific examples:

Lawyers & Journalists

What these two fields have in common is that their communications must be totally privacy and also that both professions need to communicate with people that perhaps have very little IT skills or knowledge on how to communicate privately online. Lawyers have clients and journalists have sources from all walks of life, not just the technically aware. Places is as simple as it gets.

It hides the complexity of the encryption process from the user to create a very minimalist and straightforward interface. Places is installed as you would install any other piece of software and the sign up process is no more complicated than signing up for Netflix!

A Lawyer or Journalist with a Places’ account can send anyone a download link for the software and as the sender has a membership with us, the client or source can communicate and share with the sender for free.

Once signed in; from the home screen you can communicate using very sophisticated end-to-end encryption with one click. File sharing as simple as Dropbox, video/audio call as simple as Skype and chat as simple as Facebook.

(We’re actually working on something very cool that will enable anyone to send files (e2e encrypted of course) to any Places user without installing any software, without signing up for any kind or account and actually without providing any information at all! We’re keeping the details under our hat for the moment though! ☺ )

Musicians & Artists

(or anyone who needs to use specialist software)

Almost everyone can now work remotely, including musicians. There are some excellent applications out there for musicians to collaborate on projects together remotely.

For a musician or band just starting out, privacy’s not so important, in fact a lot of new musicians might be quite pleased if their music was leaked to the world! However, when Beyoncé’s working on her new album and her producer needs Jay’s verse but he’s stuck on his yacht in Caribbean, it matters…

We’re not going to pretend we have the expertise to design our own music editing and collaboration software from scratch. It’s best to leave that up to the people who specialise in that field…and it’s best to leave the encryption up to us!

Places is designed so it can be “wrapped around” any kind of application meaning Jay can record his verse from his yacht’s on-board recording studio and collaborate with the producer using a professional tool, remotely, and in total privacy. Without any fear of a leak. (no pun intended)

Business & Teams

Places is a collaboration tool and works best when there are lots of people sharing a Place. There are already collaboration features in Places and there are lots more on the way. There is an existing tool out there that does collaboration very well; but it doesn’t do privacy very well. (pssssst…. Slack)

They only encrypt your data “in transit” which means it’s stored on their servers readable and unencrypted, and their privacy policy clearly states that they can access your data and that they share data with “third parties”. Encrypted in transit is sufficient for some business communication but in many instances it’s not enough. If your dealing with confidential and sensitive information you need to have control over who can access the content your communications.

Places is encrypted end-to-end which means you don’t need to trust us to be responsible with your data. We don’t have access to anything our users do, and we couldn’t, even if we tried. This is real privacy and it’s all we do.

These are just three examples; Places is a very simple, completely customisable and totally private tool that can be used either “as is” or “wrapped around” specialist software in many different industries ranging from:

  • Businesses, Finance & Accountancy
  • Academic institutions
  • Doctors, psychiatrists or any other health professional
  • Politicians
  • Activists and Campaigners
  • So whether “as is” or “wrapped around”, the possibilities are almost endless.