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AI-powered tools for your restaurant

We connect food places with customers

Keep. Analyse. Manage


Build your loyalty system and genuine customer relationships in one click

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Save time

Times and eating behaviors have changed. Save time by knowing what your starving customers want now from smart analytics

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Earn more

Our restaurant partners gain vital knowledge of their customer’s eating habits and see revenue growth in less than 3 months

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Build relationship

Read your customer’s mind now from direct connection by chat-bot in real time. All your clients in one place

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Digital menu: 

Contactless dining using digital a menu.
Let your customers scan a QR code, choose their favourite dishes, order and wait to be served no hassle at all.


Share your news and deals


Share your upcoming online events, degustation, new dishes and special deals


Pre-order and take away

No sense to pay extra to the third parties. Give your client the pre-order option for pick up

Scaling up the relationship between restaurants and customers
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